Apr 23, 2018


Here's the first post of my post-graduation life -- one that will begin with a year of art in the nation's service in the service of all nations.  Thanks to the wonderful Martin A. Dale award provided by Princeton University, I will begin my journey.  Feel free to read about my story.

The goals of creating Creative Currents is to paint as many murals as possible in hospitals and shelters across the NY/NJ area.  My hope is that the paintings will bring joy to the residents, patients, workers, doctors, nurses, and family members who spend time in what can be otherwise bleak buildings.  I want to beautify the environment to stimulate the imagination, relax the nerves, and provide hope.

Check out the "Current Projects" sidebar for sketches, stories, and pictures of each project.


  1. julie!!!! So excited you are blogging this process. It's kind of a funny story how I found your blog...I will definitely follow it as you continue to post comments and pictures.

    go girl go! i can't wait to hear the the stories behind the aesthetics.

  2. Hello Julie,

    I am a visual artist and I came upon your work from an article from my parents and visiting the Henry Settlement site that features your wonderful murals. Creative Currents sounds fantastic as well as your course of study and your story. It is very nice to know that another artist work is part of a cause. Keep up the great work!

  3. Julie,
    It's refreshing to see someone's passion bring sustenance and additional meaning to so many. Keep true to yourself and allowing your creativity to flow. It's beautiful!

    Pete B