Apr 23, 2010

Senior Thesis Work

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  1. Julie Dickerson Artist Intro Statement

    "Behold, on wrong Swift vengeance waits; and art subdues the strong."

    ~ Homer, The Odyssey

    My art engages the epic – that, bizarre gray world in which glory and horror coalesce, awe and terror parry, and beauty and ugliness dance their fatal waltz. This is when the depths and heights of existence blur, when the bane or achievement of humans come from their machines or their minds. I wonder when destruction is creation, when the heavenly is the earthly. It is war’s poker table and chaos’ chance – the exhausted periphery of a world beyond history.

    All the work below, with the exception of Flag (approx 2 by 3 feet) and Soldier (approx 2 by 2 feet), all the work is large (approx 5 by 5 feet).