Jun 29, 2010

Mural 3: Womanspace

Mural 3
June 29 - September

Yesterday I visited Womanspace in Trenton, NJ to plan ahead for our September mural.
The women in charge were wonderful and had clearly put a lot of effort into the aesthetics of the shelter already.  Art hung on some of the walls, and they had painted the children's room a beautiful blue.  I'm pleased to contribute to their efforts.

In the children's room (below) we're planning a bright beach scene with tropical waters, blooming flowers and plants, and perhaps a ship setting sail.  I want this to be a place where the kids can totally let their imaginations run wild.

The next mural spot is extremely exciting because it provides a challenge and great potential for transformation.  Here is a corner view of a three story stairwell that comprises the entrance for the residents.  This is the first spot the women see when they enter, and it needs some TLC.  While the rest of the shelter looks nice, blank walls don't exactly say "welcome".  The plan? Use garden imagery to grow up the stairs.  Imagine bird baths, butterflies, flowers, terraces, and maybe some little furry creatures...

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  1. DUDETTE you could totally use imagery from our Italian gardens class with Pinto. omg i have the text book. if this is going down in sept, I'm legit in until sept 10th.