Jul 30, 2010

Last HSS Mural

Downstairs gym:

Yesterday I tackled the blank wall of the gym at Sammy's (custodian's) suggestion; he figured it would encourage residents to work out instead of requesting more sodas.  We'll find out if he's right! Since I had just gone jogging the previous day on the running path (Manhattan Waterfront Greenway) not five blocks away, my inspiration was quick coming.

View of mural coming down stairs:

Men's Bathroom:

Assuming the men would not want luscious gardens filling their bathroom, I opted for a more creative and masculine option: paint paintings.  A combination of abstract and landscape seemed to do the trick. 

I've truly felt like a star at HSS; the residents have treated me with more respect and love than I ever could have imagined.  A woman yesterday pointed at the waterfall mural, pointed at me, and then blew me kisses. "Beautiful!"  Today, a man who looked like a meeker version of God in Bruce Almighty came into the men's bathroom, put his hands over his heart, and said, "I love you!"  Wow.  I am so touched!  People didn't seem to want me to go. "When are you coming back?" "I'm done today."  "Oh, so you come back tomorrow?"  "No...."  "Next week?"

Well, not next week, but I will be coming back!  Not to paint, but to teach painting to the seniors so they can fill the other blank walls of the center!  I can't wait to see what they come up with and bond with them a little more.


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  1. Julie, julie. Beautiful work. Stunning. I am honoured to have your cup painting hanging in my house. i can see it from here. love you.