Aug 11, 2010

Moonlit lake

View of the mural as seen from back room en route to front:

Round the bend:

Close up of the lake:

Close ups of the sky:

View coming from front room en route to back:

The three finished faces: left) Tony the cook, right) Angel the man who requested his face on the wall, and bottom) Sammy the custodian.

Note on the faces: they created a general stir in the morning.  Some snippets for your enjoyment:
1) "Hey hey hey - that's Tony boy up there! Looks just like him."  
2) "(to me) Hey, can you paint me? With a bikini in Puerto Rico?"
3) "Check it out, that's Sammy!  (to me) Make his mustache have more gray hairs."
4) Angel to friend: "That's my face, see." Friend: "That ain't your face, Angel.  You don't look that good." 
5) "You're painting me!" (said another older man with glasses and no hair.  He was mistaken but the resemblance was enough that I agreed. That actually happen two more times. :)

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