Nov 1, 2010

Mural Consultation visit for St. James and St. Paul

Today I met with Rev. Alex Dyer to discuss the mural I will paint for their food pantry program Loaves and Fishes: I had anticipated starting the project tomorrow, but it looks like I will return during the first couple weeks of January after a doing plethora of sketches to finally paint.  
Why so many sketches? 
1) The complex vision for the mural requires intensive composition studies 2) The space is MUCH bigger than anticipated; we don't have proper estimates but I would guess the giant underground room is at least twenty by forty feet.  Any wall space not covered by dance mirrors will be filled with the mural!  3) The Boy Scouts of American will be repainting the walls white in December which will make a backdrop that is much easier with which to work than the current colors.
The Vision: A series of Dancing Saints and Local Heroes.  
Rhythm. Color. Joy.  In this mural, anyone and everyone can be a saint hero (there will potentially be 50+).  Each of the nonprofit groups that use the room will be represented: ballet groups, capoeira groups, food donation groups, and clothes donation groups.  Leaders of the community will be present in the mural, sometimes accompanied by the Christian Saint who symbolically represents their community-minded efforts.  Those who use the room will see themselves reflected in the dance mirrors and thus find themselves a part of the mural; they too will enter the brotherhood and sisterhood of happy, hardworking hero saints.  This will be, by far, the most ambitious and transformative mural of all my projects to plan and execute.  I can't wait.  Stay tuned for updated lists of the Saint Heroes to be included, sketches, and a possible reveal date/party.

Click on Slideshow below for initial (and bigger) pictures of the building with captions.

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