Dec 30, 2010

Strive DC Mural

My next mural project will bring me to Washington DC in mid January.  

Kendra Rubinfield -- Director of Programming for the Jewish nonprofit Yachad -- contacted me via facebook through the introduction of a friend.  Yachad, she informed me, has volunteered to assist Strive DC.  From their website: "STRIVE DC helps chronically unemployed people in the Washington, DC area transform their lives through employment.  The program helps people find and keep employment through three programs."  They help young adults get their GED, find employment, and stay employed.  

The building in which Strive DC operates, however, needs a real facelift.  Yachad is helping to turn the place around and make it visually represent the wonderful and transformative work that happens inside.  Among with other improvements they have up their sleeve, I get to paint the outside of the building along with the classroom wall.  

The building was originally a Jehovah witness church, which means no windows.  Our solution will be a trompe l'oeil effect.  I will painted these fake window to look real and "reflect" the buildings across the street.  

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