Jan 18, 2011

Day One

Below is the final sketch for the classroom mural of Strive DC.  

However, because the mural space is set up on a stage-like platform and has three component walls (two at a diagonal), I have decided to alter the sketch as I paint.  The scroll with Strive DC's creed will be made larger.  Everything else will be moved to either side of the scroll.  The vertical archways, instead of being stacked on top one another, will be placed side by side and span along the diagonals.  

Here is the progress of day one... the floating scroll with billowing clouds.

 Today at Strive, I enjoyed listening to the various classes held in the building: how to make your resume and how to deal with verbal abuse.  Ages ranged in the class, but most were adults.  The first class started with each member stating their name, what they did over the weekend, and why they came back to Strive.  Some people proudly proclaimed that they had completed all of their homework after visiting with their grandkids.  Others admitted they hadn't done any work but were now motivated by their peer's success and would do it later that day.

No matter how much homework they had or had not done, it seemed each student found time over the weekend to go to church and watch football.  After every speech, the class clapped once ("the success clap").  Inspired by the camaraderie, encouragement, and positive energy, I figured I too should introduce myself.  After all, I had done the same things they had during MLK weekend -- go to church and watch football!  After they commiserated with me over my losing teams, everyone went back to business.  What amazed me the most, was the general chatter about the importance of community service.  Despite the fact that most of these people did not have jobs, they still gave back to the community by volunteering at soup kitchens.  It's an example from which we should all learn...

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