Jan 26, 2011


After finishing the main mural, Chris (from Strive DC), Kendra (from Yachad), and I decided the hallway going to the basement needed a little lift.  The students use the stairway to go to the classroom downstairs, but the journey felt a little dismal...

While the walls were a cheery yellow, the lack of decoration made the space feel untouched, unused, and uncared for.  I decided to fill the walls with a combination of inspiriting quotes and pictures I found lying around the building.  Some of the pictures were photos of graduates and some were paintings made by previous volunteers. 

You may notice the mistake I made here, writing we twice... 

Luckily I could cover it up by putting the quote on a scroll.

Once downstairs, there was an empty wall that Chris dreamed of putting a tree.  She wanted to hang the pictures of graduates along the branches, and this would be Strive's family tree.

Here's the tree.  I can't wait to see all of the faces of successful graduates filled up on the branches!

Thank you to the Strive Family.  I wish you all the best of luck.  You do amazing work, and I'm proud to  have been able to support you.  Having listened in on the classes you provide as I painted, I know you provide hope and motivation to numerous people.  

** For those who wondered what happened with the outside "windows", they will be covered in reflective tape to create a more realistic window-like effect!

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