Nov 22, 2010

Elliot Hospital, NH

Four months after first contacting Billie Ford, we finally got to meet in person at Elliot Hospital.  Though the initial process of discussing the mural and my arrival time via email was slow, we got to right business the morning of Wednesday November 17th.  I was immediately impressed with Billie's passion to beautify the hospital -- which already had several murals in the cafeteria and in the children's floor.  However, one blatant eye sore remained: a random truncated hallway-wide space next to a staircase.  This shortened hall also sported a tiled basin.  Who knows what the architect was thinking...

For sanitary and maintenance purposes, a fountain could not be installed; even the beautiful fake plants Billie had filled the space with earlier in the year had to be removed because of the dust they collected and the effort required to clean them.

However, there was no reason fountains and gardens couldn't be installed with paint.  So I set to work.
Results after day one:

Results after day two:

From the top of the stairs, however, the basin still grabbed most of the passerby's attention:

The mission of day three was to fill the basin with water.  I began with some foot painting.

Going for a fish.  Despite the security guards' requests for piranhas in their "holding tank" I had to settle for goldfish, a frog, and some lily pads.  Shortly after this photo I was instructed by some joking visiters to get out of the water.  

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