Nov 30, 2010


For the past two days I've been working at Sanctuary -- one of Bethesda Project's homeless shelters.  In the shelter's private courtyard, I've been working on creating an illusion of a 3D archway with a garden statue representing the shelter's theme of brotherhood.  This is what I did the first day:

Despite the cold, the process was quite pleasant.  Linda made me a cup of coffee and some of the residents came by to chat.  One man named Happy started a philosophical conversation with me about the nature and difference between knowing and understanding.  When I told him I might want to be a lawyer, he asked, "JD, how do you bring justice to a world of injustice?  How do you bring unity to a world divided?"  I was basically stumped for words the entire time, but I found his questions intriguing and plan spend some more time thinking about them.  He later informed me I would need to learn martial arts for my future and said, "Don't be afraid, JD.  Embrace the talents your Maker has given you."  At that point, I felt like a ninja turtle meeting my Splinter.  

Today when I came by, another kind man informed me that he put these pumpkins in front of the mural to enhance it's 3D nature.  I really like the effect they have; and in the summer when the roses grow over the arch the final look will be complete.  The same resident sat and talked with me about younger days when he used to fish with his father.  The man also joked that I should add spiderman and a tidal wave to the mural.  The proposition was tempting, but I had to pass.  I don't know if Father Dominic would have approved the wild departure from the sketch.  

I added flowers to the flower pot and started the garden statue of the two monks.  It doesn't look too bad from far away, but it needs a lot of detail work which I'll do tomorrow if I don't get rained out.  

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  1. Yes! Loving the pumpkin story. If you succeeded at your 3d goal, which you almost certainly have, you'll have a lot of men walking into walls on your account.