Mar 27, 2011

"Come Dance with the Saints"

On Friday March 25th from 7pm - 10pm, I attended "Come Dance with the Saints" at the Church of Saint Paul and Saint James.  Not only was it the only party that has been thrown for one of my murals, but it also felt more like an official art opening than my senior thesis show!  With an attendance of sixty people; an array of cookies, food, coffee, and wine; and performances by jazz, flamenco, and capoeira groups, the evening truly mirrored the fun and lively spirit of the mural.  I got to shake hands, smile, and pretend to be a minor celebrity.  The true pleasure of the evening, however, was watching people pose for photos next to their favorite saint.  

More pictures from the evening...

The Theodicy Jazz Group preforms at the opening


People begin to mill about the space

Capoeira performs

What a spectacular event.  Thanks to all who spent time putting it together!

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