Apr 4, 2011

Last Mural!

I'm happy to announce that my last mural of the year will be in our nation's capital, Washington DC, at the Academy of Hope.

It's been a year and half since I first envisioned Creative Currents, a year and four months since I contacted my first woman's shelter, and a year and three months since I visited my first mural site.  I've painted almost double the number of murals for which I thought I'd have time.  Instead of reaching five places, I'll have painted at eleven separate places by the end of April.  Between those eleven places, I'll have painted eighteen murals (does include general aesthetic fix ups I did to other parts of the buildings).  Some of the paintings are five feet by five feet; others are larger than 50 feet by 10 feet.  Along the way, I picked up a passion for Haiti, and the fundraising efforts will continue as I race my Ironman in May and work with the Princeton Class of 2010 to set up a Haitian awareness luncheon in June.

Meanwhile, I'm working on finalizing the sketch for the mural at Academy of Hope -- an organization that helps people get their GEDs and look forward to a brighter future.  The concept of this mural is to include landmarks from nearby places in the neighborhood, inspirational historical people, and a picture of the founders.

Here's sketch 1:

Here's a rough sketch 2:

Updates on this project come...

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